Blush Center For Healing

What to expect from an ME session

Mystical Energetics© is a unique healing modality that restores the mind/body system to it’s natural state of wellbeing. ME© weaves together bodywork, energy healing, channeling and mediumship to facilitate recovery from past trauma, limiting belief systems and disease. ME© guides us to our true purpose in life.


  • Heal grief, abandonment and suffering by connecting with loved ones on the other side

  • Gain clarity on your life mission and removes blocks that stop you from achieving your full potential

  • Access and release deep emotional trauma and grief from childhood and past lives

  • Increase of energy to channel towards your aim in life

  • Access 100% responsibility

  • Shift out of limiting belief systems

  • Sound sleep

  • Decrease in stress

  • Increased joy and bliss

ME© sessions can be scheduled in, 1 hour and 1 1/2 hour consultations.  Each session is unique and structured to target the blocks that limit your full potential and wholeness.  Because ME© bypasses the logical mind and taps into the cosmic life force, spirit and spirit guides healing can be deep and shifts in well being can happen quickly and with ease.  

Come to your session in loose comfortable clothing.