Blush Center For Healing

Summana Massage

The Summana Massage© is a scientifically formulated theraputic deep tissue massage with hot stones and foot reflexology.  Each massage is custom designed to meet the specific needs of the patient.  The Summana Massage© can be scheduled in 1/2, 1 hour, and 1 1/2 hour treatment session.

Mystical Energetics

Mystical Energetics© is a unique healing modality that restores the mind/body system to it’s natural state of wellbeing. ME weaves together bodywork, energy healing, channeling and mediumship to facilitate recovery from past trauma, limiting belief systems and disease. ME guides us to our true purpose in life.

Summana Foot Reflexology & ME

Rooted in the tradition of Asian wisdom the whole map of the body is located in the foot.  In this session certain pressure points on the foot  are manipulated and massaged to release blocked energy and restore flow to vital organs and the overall mind/body system.  During the reflexology session the participant will be given a psychic reading to further help the healing process and deepen the healing from past trauma.


At the Summana center we practice Nithya Dyhaan a dynamic meditation that clears, invigorates and raises your consciousness.  It happens in 5 distinct parts and it is for everyone.