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Mark Summa/Psychic Mark
The Blush Center for Healing, LLC.

Mark, a health guru to the elite, travels in the US where he services a list of celebrity clientele assisting individuals in creating a life of fulfillment, integrity and empowerment.  Serving 25 years in the healing industry Mark realized his unique ability as a psychic medium and channel.  After much development of his intuitive skills Mark branded a new healing modality called Mystical Energetics© that bridges the gap between bodywork, counseling, and psychic channeling.  

Mark has also collaborated with hospitals in Connecticut and Massachusetts to integrate therapeutic massage into patient care, including offering massage to oncology patients receiving chemotherapy, and wellness programs for doctors and nurses. He has worked with colleges, universities, and local businesses in western Massachusetts to improve workplace health for faculty and staff members. 

Additionally, Mark has delivered workshops, lectured, and provided massage therapy at one of the top spas in the world: Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Mark is certified as a Neuromuscular Therapist, Myofascial Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, and Massage Therapist, and is committed to a holistic approach to health care.

Now, as the founder of The Blush Center for Healing Mark's lifework is to broaden his scope and offer a wide range services via, Blush Education and Outreach and Blush Products. 

Healing starts within the hearts of each individual and the Blush Center is the space where community and growth begins and transformation flourishes.  


Is to create a world of love, connection and empowerment for each person by sharing truth, joy and hope for change.


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